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Whimsical and nostalgic cat & dog paintings by Southern California Artist
the "Norman Rockwell of Cats"


As seen on "Princess" and "Carnival" cruise ship art auctions, these highly detailed, nostalgic, and whimsical paintings, are part of a continuing series that depicts the life and adventures of a very "Kool" Kat and his friends.

They are painstakenly executed in Acrylic paint in an extremely precise technique, often incorporating an airbrush, which, unlike other "cat art" gives these magnificent images the look of an actual photograph.  These paintings are a true "labor of love" for the artist, and often take several months to complete. 

Please enjoy viewing this amazing series on the art gallery page, and be sure to contact the artist with any comments or questions.  You just may decide to become a "Kool-Kat Kollector"!


Photo Date 2003   Photo Date 2013
Left Photo Above - "Mr. Leo", the inspiration for the "Kool-Kat" series, watches intently, while finishing touches are added to one of the paintings completed while he was still with us.  Sadly, this amazing and wonderful cat passed away in 2003, but, here for our enjoyment, he has been "immortalized" forever.

God bless you "Mr. Leo".

Kool-Kat Kustomer Komment

"I have just returned from a P&O cruise to the Caribbean, and felt I had to thank you for your wonderful works of art!  I have not been feeling well, and the cruise was my husband's treat to try to get "the old me" back.  I saw your 'Kool-Kats' at the art auction for the very first time. Until I saw your pictures, I didn't realize how much I missed all the cats in my life, all with their own personalities - they were a big part of my life.  I am now the proud owner of four of your amazing Kool-Kat prints.  Thank you for making me feel so much better, and for putting the smile back on this 50 year old face once again."

- Kris P., St. Helens, England

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